Our History

A story to tell..

In the busy city of Tokyo, a group of people had a big hope: they wanted to start a school that would help Muslim kids keep their identity strong. They called it YUAI International Islamic School. The first year was tough - money was tight, and problems were plenty. Still, they didn't give up. They pushed through, working hard to make things better. By year two, they focused on making the school great. Building the curriculum was hard, but they kept at it. In year three, things got a bit smoother. They learned how to run things well. Then came year four, and COVID-19 hit. It was tough, but they found new ways to teach. They also had a big dream: to get the school accredited within ten years of school establishment, for the sake of community, and the future Muslim generations by ensuring the school continuity with quality. However, the land and building requirements were the biggest barrier.

Finding the right place for the school was hard. They looked and looked until finally, in December 2022, they found it. Negotiating with the owner took some time. But with help from Allah, they got the deal done. They had six months to pay for the property. With the grace of Allah, Al Razq, and through unwavering faith and perseverance of people, the funds were secured. It was a big step forward. They named the new campus, “Al Sanad School”. Now, as they approached their seventh year in April, they felt hopeful. Their dream of accreditation felt closer than ever before. They prayed, "Ameen," believing that with Allah's help, they could make it happen.


Our logo is a reflection of Al Sanad School's rich history. Against the backdrop of amazing Mt. Fuji, a symbol of Japanese heritage, soars the bird Hud Hud flying under the radiant sun, reminiscent of the Japanese flag. The inclusion of Hud Hud holds special significance, as it has long been a symbol used by FGAEducation since its inception, symbolizing the spreading of good news to the people.

icon al sanad

In our logo, it represents our commitment to imparting knowledge and positivity to our students and community, mirroring the ethos of FGAEducation. Finally, the Arabic writing “Sanad” is written as our school name, honoring one of our donors who have contributed to the project. Sanad also holds a meaning of “support”, aligning perfectly with how our school has operated over the years. It serves as a constant reminder of the collaborative spirit that propels our school forward, nurturing generations of learners and leaders.