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The primary school is divided into six grades, starting from age 6. The main objectivesof this level is on internalizing Islamic values, developing learning skills to be lifelong learner, developing understanding of science and its influence to real life, and developing useful life skills to be a part of community. The Islamic values are internalized not only through Islamic subjects, but throughout all daily activities in school. On top of that, school offers morning tahfiz class and clubs in which students can explore in extra to the classes.


The smaller the children, the more attentions they are required to ensure of their safety, welfare, equal rights and potential. Hence, classes for lower primary will be handled by homeroom teachers except for Japanese language and Tahfiz that will be carried on by professional’s teachers in those fields.

Subjects Offered

- AQ & Islamic Studies
- English
- Maths
- Science
- Social Studies
- Japanese Language
- Arabic
- Art & Craft
- Health & Physical Education
- Computer Studies

Department Contact

School Time

Morning Tahfiz

8.00 am until 8.40 am


9.00 – 15.00 (14.20 on Friday)

Homeroom & Cleaning

15.00 – 15.20